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Washing of windows and facades

Contemporary urban planning has lost of skyscrapers and tall architecture buildings. Windows and facades are responsible for exterior of those and the impression made on us depends on cleanliness of them.

Maintaining purity of windows and facades requires special cleaning several times in a year. And the execution of this work is not simple and cannot be trusted everyone. In addition, depending on the height of the building, terms of work can appear very unsafe and dangerous. In this case, the necessity for professional people who are offered by our company for running, the so-called in recent years, industrial mountaineering services. We should that industrial mountaineering in Baku develops with presence of our organization.

Our specialists perform washing of windows and facades services with maximum quality and at the shortest time.

Washing of windows and facades services can be ordered in a one-off, as well as regularly basis, by customer’s wish.

Due to high-tech cleaning products and modern equipment, washing windows and facades guarantees you a presentable look of your building. Modern cleaning products of our company allow glass surfaces maintain cleanliness and shine for a long time, and a special formula will prevent accumulation of large layer of dust on the.
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