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Cleaning of house spaces


Home is a place where we spend our time with family, relaxing, having fun, where it’s cosy...

Office is a place where we realize our ideas, plans in a comfortable, business atmosphere...

Each room is the place of a special pastime for us and to achieve cosiness at home and make our workplace comfortable neatness and order is required. After all, we did not stay at the hotel, where poor sanitation and dirty, won’t take our children to the school without technical staff on cleaning. We won’t choose the restaurant which does not conduct the rules of cleanliness and order.

Premises cleaning involve a wide range of cleaning services – from cleaning of offices that implicate less laborious process, cleanup of hotels and recreation areas with a fairly heavy workload.

Services on cleaning of spaces, offered by RM Cleaning include a number of special facilities, corresponding for any space regardless of scale and extent of ​​contamination.

By appointment premises cleaning implicates the following:

- Thorough cleaning - one-time cleaning of contaminants, accumulated over a long period;
- Suspensory or daily cleaning – regular cleanup on long term basis for maintaining of neatness;
- After repair cleaning – riddance of waste and industrial pollution after the thorough and decorative repair.
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