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Cleaning of territories


It’s clear that interior plays crucial role in presentable look of premises. The other fact that adjoined territories holds an equal importance for accomplished look of those premises. Garbage, leaves, waste around the area are inevitable and don’t create the best impression on passers-by and visitors of your manufactory. If you do not monitor the cleanliness of the territory, it will even create difficulties for the passage.

RM Cleaning offers cleaning services for premises adjoined to the residential buildings, shopping centres, hotel complexes, recreation zones, production enterprises, schools, etc.

Cleaning in winter and after construction can become especially difficult. It will undoubtedly require specialized equipment, instruments and tools.

We furnish cleaning services in the territories with different scales and field, with distinctive level of difficulty of works required and pollution.

Service on cleaning of territories includes:
· Sweeping the territory;
· Clearing the sidewalk and the roadway area;
· Removing leaves from the area;
· Cleanup the area from snow;
· Removal and disposal of garbage;
· Mowing lawns and grass;
· Watering lawns and grass.
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