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Dry cleaning of furniture and upholstery

Furniture is one of the most used object for interior and we have it almost in every space where human is presence. Due to the frequency of use furniture is very indented to collect dust and dist.

Cleaning of furniture requires special resources, equipment and knowledge. RM Cleaning offers dry cleaning of furniture and upholsters with guarantee of the best results in the shortest time possible.

Dry cleaning of furniture involves removing stains from upholstered furniture - sofas, chairs, beds, ottomans, chairs, as well as removal of dust accumulated in it.

It should be noted that, we use different and proper technology of removing of stains, equipment and cleaning resources for each type of materials.

Cleanup of furniture and upholsters is performing in several stages:
· Primary treatment of spots;
· Dry cleaning with special equipment;
· Use of cleaning solution;
· Liquidation of pollution;
· Removal of residual funds;
· The final processing.

All cleaning products used by our company, are environmentally friendly and do not cause irritation and allergies, which is an important component of the process of dry cleaning of furniture.

You can order this service in n convenient time for you at home or in the office.

Our managers will turn to you and agree with you regarding the volume, cost and timing of orders.
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