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Daily housekeeping


Any space requires standing care, because clean and neat environment prospers relaxed and comfortable work. To maintain continuous cleanliness of the space the proper organization of cleaning is indispensable. RM cleaning will help you create exactly needed neatness. Professional maintenance of tide is carried out by our daily cleaning service.

RM Cleaning suggest following types of daily cleaning services:
· Daily cleaning of apartments;
· Daily cleanup of offices;
· Daily cleaning of houses and cottages;
· Daily cleanup of other spaces.

Daily cleanup of offices service includes:
· Washing flooring office;
· Removing dust and dirt from all surfaces in a room, including glass;
· Decongesting pollution of various types, including complex pollution;
· Cleaning of areas adjacent to the office.

The service on daily cleaning of apartments includes:
· Cleaning rooms, corridors, halls - the removal of dust from furniture, cleanup of mirrors and glass surfaces, mopping;
· Cleanup of kitchen - washing of kitchen-sink and dishes, cleaning of tables, refrigerator, cabinets, garbage removal, wet mopping of the floor, washing of the gas stove;
· Cleaning of the bathroom - cleanup of the mirror and glass surfaces, cleaning of plumbing, wet cleaning of the floor.
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