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Combined cleanup

Combined cleanup of spaces also implies daily cleaning of houses, apartments, offices and other spaces, different from ordinary daily cleanup, combined one includes also cleaning of arduous, unused, hidden and isolated areas. Those are the exact places of accumulation of impurity that transmits it to cell of bacteria and diseases, as well as d disables running gadgets such as sockets, switches, lighting, ventilation, baseboards, etc.

Combined cleanup of spaces is carried out individually for each room and according to plan of cleaning, made with consideration of their features. The plan includes all or separate types of cleaning operations, selected by customer.

List of services, offered by the combined cleanup, includes:
· Cleaning of all types of floor coverings;
· Cleaning of ceilings, walls;
· Cleanup of lighting, household appliances;
· Cleaning of windows, doors, doorways;
· Cleanup of ventilation, switches, sockets, radiators, cornices, mouldings;
· Cleaning of metal objects, glass and wood surfaces;
· Cleaning of upholstered furniture;
· Cleanup of the bathrooms;
· Shoe of decoration items;
· Removal of waste and debris and replacement of plastic bags in the trash.

The rate of performing the service depends on scale of areas and extent of pollution. All this details are discussing with clients preliminary.
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