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Cleaning of pool


Pool is the place for relaxation after hard work day or even week as well as gym, massage, etc.

Nowadays pools are the integral parts of private houses, villas, summer cottages also fitness-centres, gyms, women beauty and health centres and of course aqua parks. Taking into consideration such a large number of pools in the city, services on cleaning pool are in great demand in Baku.

We all aware that in case of neglecting the cleaning and disinfection pools can turn into carriers of various bacteria and diseases because a lot of people in gyms, aqua parks, etc. use pools during a day.

As it’s known, pools are constructed from the tiles and dale and the space that is creating between the tiles - a place where dirt, bacteria, diseases are concentrating, especially great the danger appears when it is a mosaic tile. Cleaning the pool - the procedure is consuming quite a long time and requires experience, special tools and cleaning detergents.

RM Cleaning offers cleaning services for pools with all types, size, relief and covering. Services are provided one-time, as or on regular basis, according to client’s wish.diseases, bacteria, etc;

For cleaning of pools we use absolutely environmentally friendly resources that do not cause allergic reactions and irritation.

All the details are negotiated and the contract is prepared according to customer’s wish.

Water - a pure natural raw material... But the massive use of its needs obligatory disinfection and change!
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