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Cleaning of offices

Workplace is the core element of production process. Entire sections of guidelines on feng-shui are devoted to arrangement of this place. Neatness and freshness in workplace is s the key to new ideas and fruitful work.

Cleaning of offices is a quite urgent problem in Baku as during work time an impressive amount of waste paper debris and dust is accumulated.

RM Cleaning offers services on cleaning of offices, delivered by professional employees. The high-level implementation will provide comfortable environments for efficient work of your staff.

Thorough cleaning - cleaning of contaminants, accumulated in the offices over a long period of time. This service is provided one-time, as per necessity.

Espousal cleaning of offices is the scheduled cleaning of houses and apartments. This service is coordinated in accordance with the period (daily, weekly, etc) selected by customer. The service provides regular and efficient cleanup of offices.

We also offer after repair cleaning in the offices for the companies recently have finished repair and now they need to reduce all the traces of industrial tedious work.

Combined cleaning of offices of offices includes cleaning services such as surface cleaning, window cleaning, removal of garbage, cleaning of furniture and interior design, carpets, etc.

RM Cleaning uses the innovative equipment and necessary detergents, and efficient technologies for delivery its services in Baku.
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