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Cleaning of apartments in Baku

Cleaning of apartments in Baku


Who are we? (h1)


Cleaning is the key to health- most people like to live in clean home and clean environment, because it helps them to feel fresh and comfortable.


However, most people have no enough time to clean their house because of work or other important things. Therefore, helps you to overcome all problems about cleaning. Our service is ready for you every time and everywhere in Baku.


What services do we offer for apartments? (h1)


Our team have a professional experience in housekeeping and it does not matter the size of your house and location. This service is coordinating according to types of cleaning and with period (daily, weekly, etc) that selected by customer. We can clean all parts of your house such as bathroom, floor, ceiling in short-time period.


Our work is our guarantee- if you do not satisfy our service, you can easily complain about it and our team should solve this problem as soon as possible. You also can look at our reviews, because after our service, we get opinions from our customers. not only purge your apartments, but also clean your offices, hotels, pool, and other household things such as carpet, furniture, marble, windows.


What are additional services? (H1)


Do you think it is over? – We also offer you seasonal cleaning, residential and deep cleaning. After repair cleaning services by RM Cleaning delivers following after repair cleansing works:

· Elimination the dried glue and adhesive tape from building glass, mirrors, furniture items;
· Cleaning dust and traces of cement left after construction;
· Removal of stains paint and varnish;
· Deep cleaning rotary floor machine.



 How we clean your apartment? (H1)


    1.    Housekeeping in the first measure(h2)


The biggest thing that holds many people back from taking on a significant apartment cleaning project is that they don't know where to start. However, let's make it easy for you; we clear the clutter first. We start with things that have a place in the apartment but are piling up on the floors and counters throughout the apartment. We take a plan to clean some areas in advance and we show this table to you


 2.    Cleaning important parts of your home(h2)

Once we've cleaned everything else, it's time to move on to your kitchen. We use special technologies for deep cleaning in your kitchen because our team have great experience to find most dusty and dirty places to clean. Our goal is to clean every detail in your home with highly pleasure.


    3.    Deep cleaning(h2)

Time to get a trash bag. We clean the house and empty all the trash cans, while picking up the trash that has fallen on the floor. Even if some trash cans aren't filled to the top, it'll feel good to have a clean slate in your apartment. We also do not forget to leave your trash bag in an accessible place in your apartment. When cleaning, we will pick up paper towels and other trash that can go right into the bag before being tied up and thrown away.


     4.    Clean home(h2)

This step, the actual spray and wipe, is the final part of our debris removal phase before moving on to the germ control phase. Nobody likes doing laundry; therefore, we can do it while you're in full rest mode.


 5.    Kitchen and bathroom cleaning(h2)

We recommend starting with your bathroom. We have special sprays for your marbles and we also consider your marble’s color and other things to prevent it from erosion. Your bathroom is also deeply cleaned with its things.



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