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Cleaning company in Baku

Particularized services on professional cleaning, restoring tidiness and maintaining cleanliness use high popularity among urban population recently. Also, activities for integrated attention and care of the buildings and adjacent to them territories are being held. Those are called cleaning procedures. There was a whole industry which successfully develops also in Baku.

Our cleaning company presents to everyone the opportunity to solve the problem maintaining cleanliness in the apartments and adjacent to the home territories, offices and working areas forevermore. The main course of our organization is the housecleaning in Baku, also cleaning of apartments and offices in Baku, cleaning services in hotels, cleaning of upholstered furniture and windows. All work is carried out by specially trained staff, with the implementation of the latest equipment, necessary detergents, made with the use of efficient waste treatment technologies. Industrial mountaineering is also being developed with the participation of our organization. It is not a secret that oftentimes cleaning the facades of buildings happens at high altitude and it’s simply impossible to carry it out independently, unaided. It needs attraction of professionals. Our company provides qualitatively and quickly high-altitude works in Baku as well.

The list of services provided by our company includes general and daily cleaning, maintenance cleanliness with varying frequency, cleaning after repair, as well as a combined cleaning. The important point is that we are working in different properties, both residential and office, industrial, we also carry cleaning of a territory with any yardage and scale of pollution.

All our previous clients have fairly appraised our services on cleaning of houses and apartments in Baku, window washing, maintaining cleanliness in the courts and recreation areas. By entrusting domestic issues to the experts, people can find much more time for them, avoid getting nervous once again. Moreover, regular cleanliness and perfect order in their houses or workplaces will improve mood, impact positively on the psychological state inside the family and at work, will help to increase the labour productivity.

All services are provided on a contractual basis. The scope of work, terms of fulfilment are agreed in advance, a schedule of performance is discussed beforehand and all the details are coordinated upfront. Depending on the client’s request cleaning services can be provided continuously or in one-off basis.

Experience and awareness of our staff afford them to deliver the tasks very quickly and efficiently, handle the most difficult and neglected pollution. We use only environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning products.

Geography of delivering of services by our company is quite extensive. We are working not only in Baku, but also in other localities. We are offering the best prices for this branch of services and the highest level of quality.

You can find the detailed price list in our web-site. All details you can check by contacting our managers. We are always happy to help everyone who wishes to live and work in cleanliness!

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